Meet with a charming New York-based dating expert for personalized advice and honest discussion on how to improve your love life. I offer objective counsel and admit to my biases. Your mom, best friend, and roommates may be good listeners — I’m a professional. Let’s talk about your dating life and come up with something that works for you.

A Customized Plan for Your Situation

Consultations can be in-person or video chats. They can last between one and three hours — we can make it fit your schedule.

Thoughtful analysis from a dating expert

There is so much noise out there, article after article telling people how to apply default methods to their dating lives. How do you decide what applies to your unique situation? I have spent years gathering stories and lessons from coaches, clients, and friends. Learning from the mistakes of others helped me get where I am today, and I apply the ever-growing wealth of information to your individual case. Without judgment, I’ll help bring clarity to your situation.

Future-oriented action plans

Together, we’ll decide on the best path to the dating life you want. From wardrobe makeovers to finding appropriate matches, we’ll find a plan and a realistic path toward implementing it. My goal will be to help you create the dating life you truly want.

Constant improvement

We’ll move forward, review, and adjust as needed. With your goals in focus, I will provide guidance and coaching where necessary. I’ll stay on top of the newest data and changes in the dating environment: My goal will be to lose you as a client.