byGeorge wants you to date smart. I offer customized dating services and advice for busy singles who don’t have the time to stay up-to-date on all the changes happening in the modern dating scene.

There are many perspectives out there. I provide an objective, nonjudgemental viewpoint gained from my observations, both first-hand and from my research. I have observed and advised many men and women on their dating lives. Your situation is unique, and we rarely get the chance to think about how all the dating info applies to you.

The first time I tried to help a friend “get the girl” — it was second grade. The first time it worked was in fifth grade. I was a late bloomer and spent a lot of time observing social cues. Born, raised, and educated in Florida, I fled for a better dating scene and landed in New York City.

After a few years in the events industry, I worked for a dating concierge startup. I never met a matchmaker until I became one. I loved the work but something was missing. I wanted to do more for my clients but the structure wasn’t there. I met my girlfriend on Tinder.

My career led me to co-found a (failed) tech startup, work for the British government, and dive deep into financial technology. Throughout it all, most conversations led back to dating. A couple from my matchmaking days invited me to their wedding and started the ceremony by reading the email I sent to set up their first blind date. I did some soul-searching.

What value do I bring to the world? What do I have that I can provide others?

And here we are today.