Date smart.

P(r)imp My Profile

Everyone uses them but most don’t understand them. My belief is that all the apps/sites ARE just different venues — you can meet a lot of jerks at a bar but you can also meet the partner of your dreams. A dating profile is a marketing piece — what does yours say?


Online Dating Profile Audits

Despite the increased dependency on meeting people through the internet, most have neither the time nor energy to write the perfect marketing copy to attract the right type. We’ll review your online presence and craft it to deliver the dating message you want to project.


How do you look in your photos?

You have 3-10 images to grab someone’s attention — are you using the right pictures in the right order? You had fun on that vacation but do they really need to know you’ve been to Burning Man? Does your corporate headshot belong here?



Who reads this stuff?

Your potential matches will. While photos may determine a casual left or right swipe, you better believe those you match with are reading the text you put into that little box. While some apps/sites are more text-heavy than others, fewer words do not make the message any less important. In this make-or-break moment, will you come off as erudite, funny, or neurotic?

We provide opinions, edits, and rewrites, depending on your needs (and how good you are with words).



Match with your type.

Do you only match with losers? Why is everyone an “artist?” Is your profile sending the wrong signal?

While each service attracts a slightly different clientele, people typically have a few goals while swiping. Make sure you’re attracting the type of people you want to attract for the type of interaction you want to have. It’s okay to sleep around as long as you’re honest about it. You can meet the person to start a family with, as long as you’re clear about it.

We’ll help you get there.